Intestinal health is a major issue in broiler production, especially since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed in many countries worldwide. Without the growth promoters and with ever-increasing levels of feed intake, broilers tend to develop an un-favorable intestinal microbiota composition, commonly known as dysbiosis or dysbacteriosis.

In recent years, major research efforts have focused on the development of alternative feed additives to replace the growth promoting antibiotics for maintaining eubiosis in the intestinal tract of broilers.

The goal is to support the growth of beneficial microbes and/or to provide the host with microbe- or feed-derived signaling molecules that support intestinal health.

BactiCid® Line

BactiCid® is a line of different blends of glycerides of SCFA, MCFA together with bile acids and essential oils  to be used in the feed of broiler breeders, broilers, layers.

Research based on scientific trials in cooperation with Universities showed that glycerides of SCFA and MCFA and LCFA have a strong effect against gram negative bacteria like S. Enteriidis and Typhimurium,  Clostridium Perfringes (necrotic enteritis),  gram positive bacteria and fat enveloped virus. 

Effects of BactiCid Pro and BactiCid Advance:

  • Antimicrobial effects in vitro
  • Antimicrobial effects against Salmonella in vivo in chickens via drinking water and feed
  • Antimicrobial effects against Clostridium and Coccidiosis in vivo in broiler chickens
  • Stimulation Intestinal Development
  • Growth promotion
  • Stimulation egg production of laying hens

Bile acids are the main active ingredients of bile produced from cholesterol in liver. It can promote fat metabolism, protect liver and gall, support animal health for poultry, enhance the feed utilization and lower the feed cost. 

Bile acids out of all kind of emulsifiers, comprehensively work on every step:
Fat emulsification  fat digestion  fat adsorption  

Bile acids can maximize the improvement of fat utilization.

Bile acids maximize the improvement of fat utilization elevating the lipase activity, facilitating utilization of the dietary fat through emulsifier, digest and absorb function.