Concentrates are products designed to be added in animal feed including vitamin & mineral premixes together with other ingredients according to customer requirements.

The accurate mixing and high level of homogeneity of the concentrates, when used in finished feed preparation, ensure the production of a well-balanced feed.

UtriCon® Line

Utrix offers to its customers the option to use customized concentrates that can be produced according to their livestock requirements, mixing capabilities and product availability. In the concentrates can be included the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphate sources, salts, enzymes, pro- or prebiotics, toxin binder, and acidifier.

Utrix, can satisfy the needs of the customer to produce customized concentrates according to customer demand and requirements. All ingredients included in Utrix concentrates are from qualified suppliers. The quality, homogeneity and high standard package guarantee the quality of the products.

Given that today animal nutrition is a very important and sensitive issue, the finished feed offered to the animals should be prepared from quality ingredients and mixed under qualified procedures that guarantee the good mixing practice, homogeneity and correct inclusion rate of these ingredients.