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UTRIX is a company located in Lebanon which strives to become one of the leaders in innovated feed specialties and additives, vitamin and mineral premixes, concentrates for safe animal nutrition.


Our vision is to become the supplier of choice of products and services according to the highest standards of feed additives industry that meets the applicable feed legislation, customer requirements, and international standards.


UTRIX management is committed to providing safe and high-quality product services; and promoting among its employees’ ethical behavior, teamwork and communication to ensure a healthy work environment; thus attaining the trust and confidence of its customers.

Company Profile:

UTRIX, established on 2015, achieves its strategic and feed safety objectives through the adequate allocation of resources and well-established quality management and feed safety assurance system of policies, processes, and procedures, sustained through strict quality assurance, scheduled internal audits, and management reviews, with the aim of continual improvement.

UTRIX ensures that this policy is matched to the requirements of customers within the framework of chain programs. This quality and feed safety policy is reviewed regularly during management reviews or when needed to ensure its continuing suitability.

All UTRIX staff is aware of this quality and feed safety policy, and is fully-induced to achieve its content through contribution and continual improvements in their operations.

What we produce

Our products

Vitamin & Mineral premixes

Are designed to provide farm animals, pets and aquaculture with innovative vitamin premixes according to the specific animal nutritional requirements and/or customized premixes according to customer requirements.


Are products designed to be added in animal feed including vitamin & mineral premixes together with other ingredients according to customer requirements.

Mycotoxin Binders

Fungi growth in the grains reduces their nutritional value and increase the risk of mycotoxins, harmful metabolites for animal health.


Intestinal health is a major issue in broiler production, especially since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed in many countries worldwide.

GMP+ standards

Quality Control

The Quality Control Department plays a major role in taking samples from all batches of raw materials for chemical, microbiological and physical testing, using the most modern techniques and best equipment to keep up with technological development.

It does show in line with internationally designed rules and standards.
All information is archived in order to set up a data base system based on international quality standards.

The role of the laboratory and quality control department is not limited to these functions. During packaging process the laboratory and quality control department according to the GMP+ standards make sure that data card information for every product matches its specifications and its conditions of use.

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